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Bowtie Willie?

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Me and music have forever been involved, during my early years I collected more then I played but this stage saw a pass when digital media became king. RnB & Hip Hop played a vital role in my moulding, tracks from the 90's had messaging and a different sense of creative freedom.

Much Music was my MTV back when you'd get your 4:30 on with Rap City and Master T. The young me was known as Dice risky, raw and only about the party. Hooking up with G-Money a high school mate to make Ballerz Mixtape which would sell close to 30,000 Copies on the streets alone. My business ventures would slowly take more attention from the music, having me spend the last 3 years out the scene completely. My return to the tables was really just a way for me to express myself. A lot has changed since Serato dropped, I've come to like the lightness of my bag with no crates. I blend and mix more then anything, You wont find me doing that Yelling up on a mix I keep real smooth now a days.

The grand city of Montreal is where I rest my head at, I love it out here it's grown on me. Bowtie Willie is a more grown up soulful type of dude who is a direct manifestation of my stay in the MTL.

   Will S. M


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Mixing and blending cultured Hip-hop, Rnb, 80's Funk , Soul, Motown, Drum & Bass Electro and whole bunch of other goodies along the way.